PAUL WELLER, Town & Country Club, Leeds 1994.

Photographers would normally be allowed just the first three songs to take photographs. This might seem a long time but you had to hope the lighting would be okay (no flash photography allowed), avoid the dreaded microphone in front of the face shot, hope the subject wouldn’t move just when you’d thought you’d got it right and then pray it would all come together when you press the shutter button. Some times it would come together all at once and you’d get maybe five or six decent shots you’d be pleased with and other times you’d file the negatives and contact sheets away and never revisit them again.

Due to an oversight Paul Weller’s manager (who was also his father) wasn’t informed that I was going to be taking photographs and I was asked to leave the press pit after just the one song. This photograph was the one decent shot I was quite pleased with.