MICK GILLIS, Pontefract 1991.

Mick Gillis was the head bouncer at Shadows Night Club (now Big Fellas). Shadows was renowned for cheap booze, self adhesive carpets and fighting. Mick could be fair if you were out of order, or he could break your bones, it all depended what you’d been up to.

After I took this shot for the Locals exhibition, Mick would tell his fellow bouncers that I was his ‘personal photographer,’ and to always let me in for free.

I strolled into ‘Shads,’ one night in 1995 and heard a voice boom out, “Rev! Where’s my f***ing Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan LP?”. I’d borrowed the album from a girl in 1964 and this was the first time I’d seen her since. Still got it.

(The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is also featured in the Faces gallery, see Greenwich Village, MacDougal Street).