THE MEMPHIS KISS, BB KING’S CLUB, Memphis, Tennessee 1992.

Some members of Dire Straits and the Steve Miller Band were sat at the next table to us in BB King’s club in Memphis. We were having a drink and a nice chat with them until someone started throwing ice cubes at us from the balcony. It turns out they were half a dozen young GIs who thought this was highly amusing.

‘F**k this, let’s get this sorted,’ Fuff announced and led the way upstairs with Ian and Les following whilst rolling up their sleeves. The fellas from Dire Straits picked up their drinks and moved to another table further away where I joined them and put my camera bag out of harm’s way.

One of the Steve Miller Band guys asked, “Why are you moving tables?”

His friend from Dire Straits replied, “These blokes are from a Yorkshire mining town. They don’t take shit from no-one – there could be more than ice cubes coming from that balcony in a minute.”

The young soldiers backed off before they suffered the same fate as those little nuggets of frozen water. Fuff, chest swelling noticeably with each step he takes, leads the way back down the stairs. Good job the GIs didn’t know that Fuff would struggle in a tussle with a teenage girl.