GOIN’ HOME, Somewhere in New Orleans 1992.

I came out of a bar in the wee hours, somewhat under the influence of one or two stimulants it has to be said, and saw this musician walking down the dimly lit street.

Noticing that one shop was still open and there was some available light from within, I staggered in my snakeskin cowboy boots at what seemed to me like a brisk pace along the opposite sidewalk and eventually managed to get level with him. I just got the one shot off as he passed the doorway – framed him in more ways than one you could say.

It’s one of those photographs that you had no idea what it’s gonna look like until the film was developed in the dark room and the image was viewed under a magnifying glass on the contact sheet. Then a big grin would spread across one’s face, followed by a delighted ‘Yeah – can’t wait to print that one up.”