HEATHER – The Sun and the Moon, Pontefract 1991.

My very good friend, Ian Clayton wrote this piece about his partner and the love of his life:

Heather was born in Halfpenny Lane Pontefract. A great traveller, she went by bus to Athens and visited Pakistan and India before she was 21. In San Francisco she stayed in a house near the fabled Haight Ashbury and she also made a pilgramage to the startling blue washed city  of Chefchaouen in the Rif mountains of Morocco. 

Ironically the inspiration for the sun and moon motif may come from much nearer home. When she was a girl growing up she regularly walked past a street which had a sun and a moon carved in stone on opposite gable ends. She and her friends called them ‘the sun and moon houses.’ 

Heather is a graduate of Leeds University, her degree is in social policy. She works in residential social care. She is a part time artist in oil and water colours and is a voracious reader.

Ian Clayton