TRANSGENDER GIRL #1, New Orleans, 1992.

This gal worked at the ‘Men Will Be Girls’ club just off Bourbon Street. One of the photographs I took outside the club was used to promote the second exhibition of American photographs entitled No Particular Place to Go II.

I took this shot and some of the other girls who worked in the club in a deserted alleyway nearby. The dimly lit surroundings suited my preference for natural lighting.

I’m often asked if I was ever worried about my safety during my photography excursions down the mean streets of certain towns and cities. I always felt that the camera offered some kind of protection – I had the sense of being slightly detached from reality whenever I was setting up a shot or looking through the lens. The adrenaline kick was another factor that made it enjoyable rather than a cause for worry, although I wouldn’t recommend it for everybody.

(See the next two photographs: Transgender Girl #2 and Transgender Girl #3).