At thirty years old, Michelle was the same age as the mother who gave her up into care as a baby. In the quest to find her birth parents, her roots and her own identity, her book, I Am Michelle Scally-Clarke, traces the journey from care, to adoption, to motherhood, to performer. Using the fragments of her own memory, her poetry and extracts from her adoption files, Michelle rebuilds the picture of ’self’ that allows her to transcend adversity and move forward to become the woman she was born to be.

You can hear the beat and song of Michelle Scally-Clarke on the CD that accompanies I Am Michelle Scally-Clarke and, on the inside pages, read the story that is the source of that song.

‘Every now and again individuals come along who breathe new life into performance poetry. Michelle Scally-Clarke is one such individual. Her intelligence, her verbal agility and her passion means that poetry is alive once more.’ – Benjamin Zephaniah.

I Am Michelle Scally-Clarke is published by Route.